Harvard EdCast on charter schools (February 2019)

I spoke about charter schools and replicating what works on the Harvard EdCast. Our conversation references my paper on charter schools for the Future of Children as well as my work with Elizabeth Setren and Chris Walters.

New NBER Working Paper on informational interventions for school choice (April 2018)

The paper, joint with Sean Corcoran, Jen Jennings, and Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj, is available from NBER here or on the research tab of this website. More information about the study that this paper is a part of is available here.

A new version of my paper on scaling up charter schools is now available (March 2018)

In joint work with Elizabeth Setren and Chris Walters, we examine what happens in Boston after a change in law that allowed charter schools to expand. This is an updated version of a paper originally released in 2016. The paper is here.

My new paper on charter schools is out in The Future of Children (February 2018)

I summarized and synthesized the current research on charter schools for the Future of Children. The paper is here.

Talking about Massachusetts charter schools on the EdNext podcast (September 2016)

Last week, I spoke with Harvard’s Marty West about the Massachusetts ballot question on charter schools for the Education Next podcast, expanding on my recent essay on the topic.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Summarizing Massachusetts Charter School Research (September 2016)

Sue Dynarski and I summarized the research on Massachusetts charter schools in light of the upcoming ballot question in Massachusetts on lifting the charter cap in a report for Evidence Speaks at the Brooking Institution.

You can read the report here: Massachusetts Charter Cap Holds Back Disadvantaged Students.

It has also been posted on Education Next.