Stata resources
Some of my favorite Stata references

Publicly available data
Students may find these links useful for finding data for class projects; suggestions for additional data sources welcome!

  • NAEP: National Assessment of Educational Progress
  • NCES: National Center for Education Statistics; other national data sources including ECLS-K (Early Childhood Longitudinal Study), ELS (Education Longitudinal Study), HSLS (High School Longitudinal Study, NELS (National Education Longitudinal Study), and SASS (Schools and Staffing)
  • IPEDS: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System — college funding, enrollment, graduation, student characteristics
  • CCD: Common Core of Data — school, district, and state enrollment, demographic, funding and other information
  • MET: Measures of Effective Teaching — public data from a large scale experiment on teacher effectiveness
  • Data repositories: Harvard Dataverse, University of Michigan ICPSR
  • SEDA: Stanford Education Data Archive — amazing new collection of data at the state, county, and district level for the entire country
  • UKCPR: University of Kentucky national welfare data  — state level data 1980-2017 on population characteristics, unemployment, poverty, and more
  • Correlates of State Policy
  • State Policy Innovation Database: state policies starting in 1691 (!)
  • Google Dataset Search (Beta): haven’t tried it yet, but seems promising!
  • Urban Institute data portal: slick interface for formatted data sets from federal sources including IPEDS and CCD, feeds right into Stata
  • Social Explorer: Census available at the school district level (institutional access through library)
  • Opportunity Insights: public versions of data from a number of projects lead by Raj Chetty and collaborators
  • EDFacts: LEA and school level achievement and high school graduation rates, collected by the US Department of Education
  • School Finance Indicators Database: At both state and district level

Miscellaneous academic and job seeking advice

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