School Reopening in the United States (Fall 2020)
Selected resources, research, and news articles on school reopening in the U.S., curated by me
Stata resources
Some of my favorite Stata references

Publicly available data
Students may find these links useful for finding data for class projects; suggestions for additional data sources welcome!

  • NAEP: National Assessment of Educational Progress
  • NCES: National Center for Education Statistics; other national data sources including ECLS-K (Early Childhood Longitudinal Study), ELS (Education Longitudinal Study), HSLS (High School Longitudinal Study, NELS (National Education Longitudinal Study), and SASS (Schools and Staffing)
  • IPEDS: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System — college funding, enrollment, graduation, student characteristics
  • CCD: Common Core of Data — school, district, and state enrollment, demographic, funding and other information
  • MET: Measures of Effective Teaching — public data from a large scale experiment on teacher effectiveness
  • Data repositories: Harvard Dataverse, University of Michigan ICPSR
  • SEDA: Stanford Education Data Archive — amazing new collection of data at the state, county, and district level for the entire country
  • UKCPR: University of Kentucky national welfare data  — state level data 1980-2017 on population characteristics, unemployment, poverty, and more
  • Correlates of State Policy
  • State Policy Innovation Database: state policies starting in 1691 (!)
  • Google Dataset Search (Beta): haven’t tried it yet, but seems promising!
  • Urban Institute data portal: slick interface for formatted data sets from federal sources including IPEDS and CCD, feeds right into Stata
  • Social Explorer: Census available at the school district level (institutional access through library)
  • Opportunity Insights: public versions of data from a number of projects lead by Raj Chetty and collaborators
  • EDFacts: LEA and school level achievement and high school graduation rates, collected by the US Department of Education
  • School Finance Indicators Database: At both state and district level

Miscellaneous academic and job seeking advice

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