Working Papers

Cohodes, Sarah R., Elizabeth Setren, and Christopher Walters. 2019. “Can Successful Schools Replicate? Scaling Up Boston’s Charter Sector.” NBER Working Paper 25796. PDF Updated version April 2019 VoxEU summary
Press Coverage: Chalkbeat, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Hechinger Report, New York Magazine, Las Vegas Review-Journal, The 74, Bloomberg

Corcoran, Sean P., Jennifer L. Jennings, Sarah R. Cohodes, and Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj. 2018. “Leveling the Playing Field for High School Choice: Results from a Field Experiment of Informational Interventions.” NBER Working Paper 24471. PDF Executive Summary
More information on the New York City High School Admissions Study is available here.
Press Coverage: Chalkbeat


Cohodes, Sarah R. “The Long-Run Impacts of Tracking High-Achieving Students: Evidence from Boston’s Advanced Work Class.” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. Forthcoming. Publisher’s version PDF Online Appendix
Press coverage: Boston GlobeBoston Neighborhood News (TV clip)

Cohodes, Sarah R. 2018. “Charter Schools and the Achievement Gap.” The Future of Children. Policy Issue: 1-16. Publisher’s Version PDF
Press Coverage: The 74

Cohodes, Sarah R, Samuel Kleiner, Michael Lovenheim, and Daniel Grossman. 2016. “The Effect of Child Health Insurance Access on Schooling: Evidence from Public Insurance Expansions.” Journal of Human Resources. 51(3). Publisher’s version PDF NBER Version
Press coverage: New York TimesWashington PostHuffington PostVox (1), Vox (2)FivethirtyeightInside Higher Ed, Chalkbeat

Angrist, Joshua D, Sarah R Cohodes, Susan M Dynarski, Parag A Pathak, and Christopher R Walters. 2016. “Stand and Deliver: Effects of Boston’s Charter High Schools on College Preparation, Entry, and Choice.” Journal of Labor Economics 34(2). Publisher’s Version PDF NBER Version
Press coverage: New York Times, Boston GlobeSlateEducation Week, The 74

Cohodes, Sarah. 2016. “Teaching to the Student: Charter School Effectiveness in Spite of Perverse Incentives.” Education Finance and Policy 11(1). Publisher’s Version PDF
Press coverage: The 74

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Deming, David J, Sarah R. Cohodes, Jennifer Jennings, and Christopher Jencks. 2016. “School Accountability, Postsecondary Attainment and Earnings.” Review of Economics and Statistics, 58(5). Publisher’s Version NBER Version Education Next Version
Press coverage: Boston Globe, Harvard Gazette

Cohodes, Sarah, and Joshua Goodman. 2014. “Merit Aid, College Quality and College Completion: Massachusetts’ Adams Scholarship as an In-Kind Subsidy.” American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 6 (4). Publisher’s Version PDF online appendix
Press coverage: Boston GlobeChronicle of Higher EducationHechinger Report, SlateHuffington PostWashington Post, Commonwealth, New York Times

Page, Lindsay C, Jon Fullerton, Sarah R Cohodes, Martin R West, Andrew Bacher-Hicks, Antoniya Owens, and Sarah Glover. 2013. “The Strategic Data Project’s Strategic Performance Indicators.” Education Finance and Policy 8 (3): 435-456. Publisher’s Version

Dee, Thomas, and Sarah Cohodes. 2008. “Out-Of-Field Teachers and Student Achievement: Evidence from Matched-Pairs Comparisons.” Public Finance Review 36 (1): 7-32. Publisher’s Version